Dirty Little Weekend

by Original Sharks

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Produced by Jon Markson and Joey Bunick
Engineered by Jon Markson @ The Gallery Recording Studio (Jon.Markson@gmail.com // www.thegalleryrecordingstudio.com )
Mastered by Carl Saff @ Saff Mastering Mastering // www.saffmastering.com

- Original Sharks -

Joey Bunick - Vocals/Guitar

Jared Diamond - Bass/Vocals

Dan Garmon - Drums

Mikel McCavana- Guitar/Vocals

Artwork by Greg Diamond and Jared Diamond


released November 25, 2016


all rights reserved



Original Sharks Brooklyn, New York


  • Oct 30
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Old Standards
Now everybody knows, got me staring at the phone
I can't see reason or throw away anything
Dan...he don't got to care
If I had his car I'd drive it straight through trouble anywhere

I know you've probably thought about it too
Can't help if when you think of me you're choking on anything

That marks the end of more desperate years
Track Name: Absolutely, Baby
Would you relax?
Everything you want is everything I have closer to the ground
I want to take it back
Would you dish it out to me? Show me just how far my strokes recede

Except this time I'm going to scream at you

Got me cashed out on the couch, I'll give you Saturday
How much longer could you need?
Now I'm baked out on the couch
You're already set, but I'll save you

My life's a broken ride
No weight in motion to decide
I got my high heaven shot like overdrive
That I don't wanna use
Cause I always do
Track Name: Little Chop
Last night got December crawling down my throat 
It said 'why'd you got to be so easy’
Know that I require everyday one thing I'd feel grateful for 
This week not keeping score 

Cause I wonder what you and who you do it with 
And I wonder what you'd say to me just know that awful things can take a... 

Turn around, looks out 
It's just all this shit is bumming me out 
I can't redeem the conversation 
I'll be a man 
When I'm on, I'm gone 
It's just all these things are bumming me out 
And I feel so far from home 

Tell the end, a place to find a golden center 
Back again, with investments out of my hands 
I'd figure out my plan, to pull you out from my dead center 
And back again, with a friendship out of my hands that pulls me in

Turn around, looks out 
It's just all these things are bumming me out 
I can't redeem a conversation 
But I'll be a man 
When I'm on, I'm gone 
It's just all this shit is bumming me out 
And I feel so far from home
Track Name: Dirty Little Weekend
Would you say awful things about me?
Would you burn it between the pieces when I call your line?
Would you write it down? Wrong again.
Must have thought it just a thought of the weekend, what a lie
Just a little allegiance can make a reputation cleaner every once in a while

We'll talk about this soon, I bet my dollar's worth it
I should care. Better get the bug out while you can
It's too late man, I got my dollar's worth and sold
I'll hate for you to go, but I'll pray for you
So tell me something decent, baby
Track Name: Physical Stuff
All these things can happen just the same
So I can't hang
It takes a heart attack to manage all my time
My backs a mess

My poor teeth turn boring white
From bright red cheeks to twisted spine
See my eyes, have nothing to say to me
All these things can happen just the same

Hey, you lose control
Got a lot more to me and I hope you didn't already know
You lose control
I'm over it but don't even say so
Can only dream of having friends like me

I knock 'em dead at my front door
You do it to yourself
You'll never mean a thing to me
Track Name: Capital Size
See no need to beat my head to the ground
Just heard awful things I didn’t want to hear
and Babe I'm resentful, tell me one thing anyway

I said, what have you done?
Caught in the motion
Who would you trust?
Anything but making shit up
(I'm not trying, I'm not sorry, no one's telling anybody)
Track Name: Ambrosius
Quit calling me out, I'd rather wait
Spend my time, when my stride is overwhelming me
So did I, all crossed up in my story. I'm not sure, you're looking for it
I owe you one

I can't see one imperfection. Adjusting my sleeves, to fold my arms
Where no one here's done anything brave and I'm always the one, always left alone

Quit calling me out, I'd rather fake it
Simplified, when my mind's been keeping me up.... 
Days and nights, where I can feel my heartbeat sink

For the life of me or for a better life

With me, flying away, down that depth set passage, feeling sorry for myself
No one could say, much of anything, I am anything, and I can’t

When I can't see one imperfection. I can't, and I am always the one, always left alone.
Track Name: Dentface
We were the best we ever have been 
Now, what good can we change? 
Would you take apart the parts that matter most to me? 

And i've always said, I know exactly what I wanted and i'll pursue it all, pertain to my degree
'I've never masked deception, it always followed me

I never said what good could crying do, 
When I've swallowed my revenues right now
And now we all felt safe 
Really fucked me over this time 

I miss winter breaks 
And cold 'welcome home joe' hand shakes 
I hope forever, that we can only stay this clever
Whenever you can find it inside of me 
I hope that I would only stay this clever
my god
Track Name: Swim and Stay Fit
So independent. Something I admire but
The way I stand’s just so "each-other" that,
Well it's ‘so what’

This time just hear me out

That’s right. So I said too much

That's right everyday, you gotta pull me away, react with little regard, youre gonna pull me apart
Feels like we'll overheat before we set foot in the door

That's right everyday, you gotta pull me away
You gotta figure I’ll win big the next time
Track Name: Chai Takes
Heat passed away, and my heart is over heat 
I couldn't take it in my sleep 
I know I saw that, I know I saw that 
My dreams. My words are vacant in my sleep 

I know I saw that
Between wrists that were breaking in my sleeves 
I know I saw that
My dreams, my words are vacant and I hope my head was shaking 
My sleep my dreams gone passed away 

Take the time to get this feeling straight but I don't care I'm not feeling like I ever did

I'm not feeling like I ever take the time to get back on your mind 
Oh, my sleep. My dreams gone passed away